How to Celebrate the Big 3-0!

13 Aug

This past weekend we celebrated Nate’s 30th birthday.  Now, technically his birthday is not for a couple more weeks, but we will be out of town on his actual birthday to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary.  ( Yes, a whole year! More to come on that topic 🙂 )

After much back and forth, I decided to surprise him with dinner and gambling at the Charles Town Races and Slots Casino.  For those of you not familiar with this venue, it is conveniently located about an hour from DC and Baltimore.  Now, I know what my friends from NJ are thinking-why didn’t you just go to Atlantic City?  Yes, Atlantic City is much bigger and has tons of options for dinner, dancing and of course more roulette tables.   However, I must say I was pleasantly surprised with Charles Town and love that I didn’t have to pay any toll money to get there (Sorry NJ).

The Hotel

Make some Money!

For starters I booked a hotel room on the premises and everything from the patio breakfast with the  beautiful West Virginia mountain views, to the comfortable room surpassed my expectations.  The casino also provided a shuttle to take you back and forth to the hotel so you can park your car for the evening and not have to worry about calling a cab!

Breakfast on the patio

Everyone met in the sports bar, where they were having happy hour prices, even on Saturday!  Drinks under $2 is not a bad way to start the evening!   Originally, I tried to make reservations for the steakhouse, and if anyone knows Nate, they know he could eat steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Unfortunately, the steakhouse was booked and it actually worked out for the best because there is another restaurant on premise, called the Skyline Terrace which overlooks the horse track. Not only can you eat and drink at the table, but relax for a few hours while watching the races–something that everyone seemed to enjoy!

Becky is the only one who seemed to have luck with the horses, and didn’t mind smiling for the camera:)

After dinner, we had plenty of time to celebrate into the wee hours of the morning.  Now, for those of you that aren’t fans of gambling, they did have a bar/lounge with a band.  Lucky for us, it was the 80’s cover band, The Reflex, that played that night; so while the guys placed their bets, we were able to belt out the classic, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Nate makes multiple build your own sandwiches

And we all know that a trip to WV is not complete without stopping at Sheetz on the way home!

A great birthday and many more to celebrate! Thanks to everyone for coming out-T


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