Breakfast On The Go

19 Aug

I don’t know about you, but I never have time on weekday mornings to make myself breakfast before running out of the door for work. I have made it work on some occasions, but those minutes added up when I had a train to catch each morning.

Last week I started a new job, where I am now driving 45 miles to Herndon, VA each day. Talk about a big change from riding the Marc train into DC for the last five and a half years! I decided that the start of this new job was a good time to change my breakfast and lunch habits during the week.

I am attempting to no longer buy coffee, breakfast or lunch during the week or at least keep the extra spending to a minimum since all that money I used to spend on breakfast and lunches should now be spent on gas each week. Another great reason for this change is because Joe and I want to eat healthier during the week, so we don’t feel as guilty about treating ourselves during the weekend. Joe, like me usually doesn’t have time to make breakfast before leaving for work and with his job if he doesn’t eat before going to work then he doesn’t usually have time to eat until lunch, which is awful, I don’t know how he does it! I could never not eat breakfast, if I don’t eat when I’m hungry then you don’t want to be around me! I always lecture tell Joe how important breakfast is, so I figured if I can help him by having breakfast ready each morning and all he has to do is grab, heat and go then its a win, win and points for me for being a good wife.  🙂

A few weeks ago I found a recipe for Omelet Muffins on The Gourmet Dad (Dean McDermott rocks!), his original recipe can be found here. Dean made the omelet muffins with his kids, but I immediately thought that this recipe would also be great for a quick breakfast on the go during the work week for Joe and I, or for any of you out there who are looking for quick and easy recipes on the go!

I tried the recipe out for the first time last weekend, I made the muffins on Sunday, so they were ready in Tupperware each morning for us to grab, heat and go. I followed the recipe for the most part but my add-ins were cherry tomatoes, green and red peppers, mozzarella cheese, pre-cooked turkey bacon and salsa. I didn’t use all of the ingredients in each muffin. I did  some of the muffins with salsa and sprinkled mozzarella cheese (for Joe) and for me, I used the turkey bacon, cherry tomatoes and peppers. The muffins turned out great and were delicious not to mention super easy! Just heat in the microwave for 20-25 seconds before eating. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of the ones I made, I didn’t even think about it until they were all gone! 🙂

This week instead of making muffins again, I decided I wanted to use a pie pan and made what could be described as a crustless Quiche. I greased a glass pie plate (with EVOO using my Misto). Best. Invention. Ever! I pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees. Add-ins this week were:

  • Chopped green and red peppers (use as much or as little as you like) I used about a 1/4 C since it was what I already had cut up in the fridge.
  • Salsa
  • Mexican cheese blend

After mixing the ingredients in a bowl, I poured the mix into my pie pan.

I decided this week to make the crustless Quiche instead of the muffins, so I had more control over portion sizes. I felt like last week one muffin was a little bit less than one portion and I still felt hungry after eating it. I had only made 12 muffins for the whole week, so I figured this week it would be easier to cut the right portion sizes for each of us for the whole week.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through and browned around the edges.

It looks so delicious! I can’t wait until breakfast tomorrow morning!

Have you tried any new recipes lately? Are you attempting not to eat out a lot during the week? Do you have a favorite blog that you follow for recipes?  Please share in the comments!



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