Goodwill Hunting

4 Sep

As promised, I am back to tell you all about the goodies I found a couple of Friday’s ago while shopping.

I decided to check out the Goodwill store near my house early that afternoon. Mainly just browsing, looking for any and everything that could be a possible Pinterest project or something useful for the house.

I have been on the hunt for is a tall dresser for our bedroom. Specifically, a dresser that would need a bit of a makeover. We bought new bedroom furniture when we moved into our house, but the dresser we have is a little too big for our room and because of that our room is arranged in a way that drives me a little crazy. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much in the furniture category on this trip.

Any who, back to the story at hand. While browsing I came across a bunch of picture frames. I ended up buying one of the frames for $3.25. All this little guy needs is a new coat of paint since he is looking a little frumpy and an upgrade from the current artwork and he’ll be as good as new. I’m not sure whether I will use this guy for a Pinterest project I want to do or for the gallery wall I have been planning. I actually wish I would have grabbed this guys twin, but since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with him, I left him.


I found a ton of baskets and old wood shelves. The shelves weren’t really my cup of tea since the majority of them had hearts carved in them. I was however, able to find a decent sized basket that I thought would be perfect to wrangle the mess of shoes, cleats, flip flops,etc. that are scattered in front of our garage door; just waiting for us to trip over. So, I snatched it up for a measly $5, as Honey Boo Boo says “A dolla makes me holla”, in my case “5 dolla makes me holla”!

The basket was immediately put to use in the hallway leading to our garage and is home to our discarded shoes. I am happy to say that the hubby caught on pretty quickly and has been putting his shoes in the basket rather than leaving them in front of the garage door, waiting for me to trip over. 🙂 Success!

Down the line I plan on sprucing this area up a bit. We have been in our house over a year and a half and still have so much to do/decorate!

Later on that afternoon, Jaime and I went to Hobby Lobby. We walked around the store for at least an hour. They have all of their fall decorations out and even Christmas decorations! It’s only September!

I have been on the look out for lamps for our master bedroom and was unsuccessful at finding a lamp that I liked that had a twin…boo! I did however, leave with a cute little tin sign that has a “G” on it. I think it was $12.99, but I had a coupon for 40% off one item. Score!

I’m still trying to decide where I want to hang it.

I found this ceramic beauty in the fall decor section of Hobby Lobby and thought it was so cute and pretty that I had to have it! All of the fall decor was 40% off, so I didn’t pay much. For now this little guy is hanging out on our entertainment console in our living room.


At Home Goods I came across a table runner that I immediately had to have for our kitchen table. I had seen similar fabric earlier this year at Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics that I wanted to attempt to make curtains from, but I ended up finding a material I liked better for our living room curtains.
This little guy has already made his home on our kitchen table and I L.O.V.E it! I can’t wait to get my fall decor set up on it! The runner I believe was $12.99…not bad.



Have you been on the hunt for something to organize a mess in your garage? Have you watched Honey Boo Boo on TLC? Does “a dolla make you holla”?


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