Tube Time Together

4 Sep

We all know that at the end of the day we need to unwind with the TV. The problem always arises when you need to compromise on the show you will watch. With the new fall lineup announced we thought we would share our fave shows to watch with the husbands, and they actually don’t complain. In no particular order–

Tara and Nathan’s favorites-

Walking Dead starts on 10/14 on AMC

  • This show will surely prepare you for the Zombie-Apocalypse. You may even be inspired to buy a cross-bow.

Hell on Wheels has already started on Sundays on AMC

  • Rebuilding the country and starting the American Railroad, lots of drama to come.

Law & Order-SVU starts Wednesday, 9/26 on NBC

  • We do miss Stabler, but are still huge fans of Dick Wolf Productions.

The Office starts Thursday, 9/20 on NBC

  • Its the last season, so enjoy Andy as boss. We like him better than Michael Scott anyway.

Modern Family starts on Wednesday, 9/26 on ABC

  • There’s a reason this show has won so many awards-its funny.

Scandal starts on Thursday, 9/27 on ABC

  • We love politics, so this show is a must.

A must see for anyone living in the Beltway!

Elise and Joe’s favorites:

Game of Thrones
This medieval fantasy is a must watch for us! We usually watch episodes twice just to make sure we catch everything. The third season won’t air until 2013 on HBO


The Newsroom
Jeff Daniels plays news anchor Will McAvoy the face of fictional Atlantis Cable News channel. The first season is over and we can’t wait to see what is in store next season!


Boardwalk Empire
New season starts September 16th on HBO @9pm


The judges (including our favorite Gordon Ramsey) can be brutal at times, but this is our favorite reality show. This season is down to the final three contestants Joe and I are still upset that our favorite home cook, Frank had to hand in his apron last week.


The Office
Sad that this will be the last season, but looking forward to see Andy back as the boss man. We’ve always been fans of the Nard Dog!

Green Bay Packers Football
We are ready for the Gorchesky family tradition with Joe’s parents and brother to start up again this Sunday! Go Pack Go!


What shows do you and your significant other watch together?


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