Wine and Wreaths Party

9 Oct

This past weekend we threw a Wine and Wreaths party at Elise’s house.  The concept was simple, a fall inspired party where we challenged our friends to stop pinning and start crafting! We told everyone to bring the supplies to make one of the wreaths that they had recently pinned on Pinterest. Of course, if they had another fall project in mind, they could make that instead.  To make our fall afternoon better, we asked everyone to bring a fall inspired dish and of course wine!

It was perfect, we had great friends, delicious food, good wine and we started crafting! Below you can find pictures of some of the wreaths. Unfortunately, we don’t have a step by step for all the wreaths that were made because some of the girls just went off of pictures they had seen:

Elise’s Wreath:

I found the idea for my wreath on Pinterest which took me to Just Sew Sassy blog. As you can see I decided to change it up a bit from the original wreath and use fewer rosettes and omit the sign. I like to think that my wreath is a nice fall wreath, but a nod to the Baltimore Orioles! Let’s Go O’s! 🙂

Katie’s Wreath:

Katie made her wreath using a grapevine wreath and felt. The felt was cut into stripes and rolled into rosettes. Such a cute wreath! If you change-up the colors this wreath could be perfect for any season or holiday!

Tricia’s Wreath:

Tricia made this adorable little creation out of yarn and felt. So adorable!

Kristen’s Wreath:

Kristen is so crafty that in the time most of us made one wreath she crafted this fun Halloween wreath and a Christmas wreath. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of her Christmas wreath. She also helped me make a bow that I added to my fall wreath from last year. Below is a picture of the wreath I made last year:

Here is the wreath with the bow Kristen helped me make this year:

All in all the day was a blast! Tomorrow we will be posting about the delicious food and drinks we munched on while we crafted!

Have you had any Pinterest parties with your friends lately? Are you crafting anything for the fall season? There are so many great decor ideas on the internet it’s hard to decide which to make. We are already thinking about what Christmas decorations we want to make! Maybe we will have to host another party. 🙂

E & T


2 Responses to “Wine and Wreaths Party”

  1. becky October 9, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    Pictures Please!

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