Irish Weekend in Wildwood

30 Oct

Last month, Nathan and I were in Wildwood, NJ with family and friends for Irish weekend. This is one of the biggest Irish festivals in the country and a quick weekend getaway if you are on the East Coast.  The festival has something for everyone from crafts, boxing matches, music, and of course great food and beverages.  Starting on Thursday night, the festival runs all weekend, and concludes on Sunday.

Nathan and I at the Wildwood Boardwalk

In Jersey we actually go to the shirt store to buy clothing with fun sayings pressed on them.

Our friend Leeihnae found a great place two blocks from the beach for us to rent for the weekend and since it is off-season everything is cheaper!  One of the wonderful things about the festival is the trolley that stops at multiple locations in town to pick you up and drop you off at the festivities.  Once we arrived in town, we parked the car and didn’t have to worry about driving all weekend.

Getting dressed up for Irish Weekend is a must! Leeihnae rocked her green wig all weekend.

Glow sticks are fun for any celebration. My brother, Phil, prefers them as shoe laces.

The streets are closed to traffic, making it an easy stroll to check out the craft vendors, food tents, and of course find your favorite Irish beverage.

So many food options, but my cousin Jen went with the roasted corn.

The establishments and streets are pretty crowded, but you might get lucky enough to snag a spot in the corner like Jen and I did.  We set up our area overlooking the street so everyone in our group would know where to go in case they were separated from us.

Jen and I were able to find a spot overlooking the streets

On our way back, Mother Nature decided to unleash a storm upon us, so we made a mad dash to all get on the same trolley.  Unfortunately, the trolley we rode back on did not have any windows.  As you can see from Nathan’s picture below, we were all freezing as the rain came in from the side.  Luckily, no one came home with pneumonia, just funny stories about the entire weekend.

Trying to keep warm on the trolley in our Jameson hats

If you have the opportunity to go next year, I suggest you go for a fun weekend at the shore before the winter months hit.  Irish Festival

Cheers, T


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