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18 Weeks of Pregnancy

28 Dec
According to TheBump my child is now about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces or the size of a sweet potato!

Things that have come to light in the 18th week of my pregnancy:

  • Buying a Bella Band  is a must.  I recently purchased one and felt human again when I was able to wear my jeans.  Don’t get me wrong, I love leggings but let’s be honest-sometimes they make our butts look bigger.
  • The holidays are the best time to be pregnant! You can eat cookies with no guilt and everyone seems to make sure the pregnant person eats first and has dessert to take home. 🙂  This may be the first year that my New Year’s Resolution does not include dieting, #WINNING!
  •  I have finally learned to pace myself in the Pregnancy Bible, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  Yes, reading the chapter for the month that actually pertains to you is not as overwhelming as reading multiple chapters ahead.
  • Registering for your baby is a lot more fun than the wedding registry-everything is so tiny and cute!  Mom and I spent 3 hours in one store and could have easily stayed longer but they were closing.  Well, to clarify I could have stayed longer, Mom had already found a rocker recliner to sit in. #TrueStory
  • Weird dreams do happen, don’t over analyze them.  For instance, the other night I dreamed we found out the gender during the sono and when I saw it was a boy,  I started crying my eyes out.  Up to interpretation if I cried because I found out the gender or because I thought I was having a boy.
  • And then there was heartburn, backaches, and a whole lot of excitement.  Just buy some Tums, turn on the heating pad and enjoy this exciting time!

Cheers, T


16 Weeks Later

11 Dec

About a month ago, I posted that Nathan and I are expecting our 1st baby in May.  Since then I have been radio silent and have not had a chance to followup so I figured I would give a monthly update.  Our little one is already 16 weeks and according to every baby website, the baby is already the size of an avocado.  Yes, an avocado which is about 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.5  oz.

WEIRD, right?

WEIRD, right?

The heartbeat sounded good last week and the Dr. was even impressed with my cholesterol!  This great news overshadowed the fact that I have already gained 8 pounds, when I should have gained about 5.  But, obviously I’m not too upset about it because I am still here eating cheesecake 🙂  Another piece of  good news is the nausea has finally subsided and my craving for pancakes has dwindled.  On the flip side, and unfortunately for Nathan, the emotions and tears have kicked into high gear.  Luckily, he can make me start laughing in the next breath and I move on!

My energy has also returned but now my mind is going a million miles an hour with all of the stuff I need to do.  For starters, I need to decide where to register and for what things.  Luckily, Mom is all over this and I could not be happier, I am ready to shop till we drop.  Things still to decide-do we sign up for classes, ie lamaze? Do we book a hospital tour?  The new budget and health insurance have been resolved, man I really am an adult!

What’s left, the issue of painting the spare room aka the new nursery.  Do we hire professionals or suck it up and just do it ourselves?  I will note that it is quite possible I failed finger painting so this is a serious decision!  While I think these are all a big deal, Nathan is focused on the bigger things, like the new bed for the kid, or depending on the length, our new bed Nathan’s Dream Bed.

I am trying to remind myself that while I need to decide these things, I don’t have to do it all today.  Today I am focused on planning a BabyMoon-I need some time in the sun and any suggestions you have are helpful.  All in all, an easy pregnancy and we couldn’t be happier, next month we get our sonogram!  Cheers, T

Growing By 2 Feet

12 Nov

Steelers Fan Due 5/26/13

Nathan and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby on May 26, 2013!

I am very excited that I am no longer keeping a huge secret and can share this wonderful news with everyone.  I can now be the honest blogger I was born to be!  The 1st trimester is coming to an end, and so far everything is A-OK with both baby and myself.  That leads me into this blog post where I thought I would begin to share this journey and answer as many questions as possible at one time.

The last 12 weeks have been an adjustment, but I’m sure it is nothing compared to our exciting journey ahead of us.  While we do not know what we are having yet, nor do I want to find out, Nathan tells everyone that I am growing a man!  Time will tell, but I am fairly confident that it is not a man, but a baby.  On a serious note, we are fine with a boy or a girl (fingers crossed) as long as the baby is healthy.

Luckily, I have not been sick,  although I will say nausea is not a fun time either, but better than vomit I suppose. Mainly, I have been exhausted–I am talking 11-12 hours of sleep per day exhausted.  For those of you soon-to-be-pregnant newlyweds, this is very common, yet no one seems to mention it until you can barely keep your head up.   Now you know. 🙂

Cravings? Grilled cheese, pancakes, waffles…lets just say carbs in general. Seriously though-I could eat pancakes for every meal, which is crazy because normally breakfast food is my least favorite food on the planet.

I have learned that I cannot go to the grocery store by myself because I no longer care to have self-control.  If I see something and it looks good, I buy it!  I come home with at least two different kinds of chips, ice cream, candy, cookies, brownies-a complete 180 from only eating Special K chips! So, yes, I do have an appetite and I can only hope that I will be lucky in the weight gain. Yes, I know I can go to the gym, but like I said I am tired and pregnant.

That’s all for now, but don’t you worry I still have 6 months of pregnancy blogging ahead of me:)

Cheers, T

Dodging the Baby Question

20 Sep

You have heard the question at least once, if not twice-When are you having kids?  Here are some helpful tips for avoiding the age-old question.

Dec 13, 2010—Dara Pettinelli—

Your Parents

They ask: “When are you going to give us grandkids?”

You reply: “When we’re ready, we’ll let you know.”

Why it works: It’ll fend them off and buy you some time without totally breaking their hearts. Admitting that you’re not ready shows your parents that you’re being responsible adults by thinking about the issues (such as “Can we afford it?”) first.

Your Friends

They ask: “When do you plan to start trying?”

You reply: “Um, hello! We’re newlyweds. It’s all about us right now!”

Why it works: Who can argue with becoming a tighter twosome? Hey, if you don’t know your specific needs as a couple well enough before deciding to have children, then you may not make it through the new stressors of parenthood. So take that!

Your Siblings

They ask: “Will Junior have cousins to play with someday?”

You reply: “We’d rather be the favorite aunt and uncle.”

Why it works: It’s a polite way of telling siblings to shut up already — you’re not interested in jumping on the baby bandwagon until you’re good and ready. Hello, having kids just because everyone else is irresponsible and unfair to your child and your relationship.

Other Pairs with Kids

They ask: “C’mon, what are you waiting for?”

You reply: “Y’know, we’re loving life just as it is!”

Why it works: Boldly saying how happy you are with the status quo is code for: We’re not waiting for anything, so back off! If you two want to hit Jamaica without worrying about a babysitter, that’s your choice. Everyone else will have to deal (and they’re probably jealous!).

New Coworkers

They ask: “So, do you guys have any kids?”

You reply: “No, we don’t. How about you?”

Why it works: Turning the question back on them is the easiest way to get out of the hot seat. Having kids is a private decision and you don’t owe the world an explanation of whether or not you’re ready. Trust us, your colleague will get the memo.

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

14 Aug

Great article about juggling family and careers. Gives you a lot to think about

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All – The Atlantic.

A Boy or a Girl-That is the ?

12 Aug

Everyone knows that it is important to discuss your plans for children, to try to be on the same page before having them. The key word here is, TRY! hahaha

As everyone knows, its is purely by chance whether you have a boy or girl.  However, a certain husband would like to have a boy so badly he has looked on the internet and suggested I try some of the following suggestions to influence the Y chromosome:

  1. I need to take my temperature everyday to figure out ovulation.
  2. Only eat protein; no veggies or fruit.
  3. Do not eat any acidic food.
  4. Sleep with my head pointed to the north.
  5. Apparently, they sell pills in India which can be bought and will  ensure a boy.

Of course I think this is ridiculous but am wondering if you think any of this seems plausible. -T


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