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Newlyweds Declare Their Love

2 Jan

I was reading  BuzzFeed, one of my favorite sites, and came across an article that asked to-be-wed couples their favorite attribute of their partner.  The couples were asked to say how long they had been together, then write down their favorite thing about their partner.  Lastly, the answers were revealed to the reporter and then each other.  The answers varied from sense of humor, shoes, eyes, dancing skills, to feeling safe with the person.  It is nice to see that some of the couples had been together for such a long period of time and yet still appreciate the things that they love about their partner.

Check it out: 18 Joyful Declarations Of Love From Newlyweds In Seattle

As we get caught up in the everyday hustle, it makes you think—-what do you love and admire about your spouse?

Cheers, T



Our Girlfriends Weigh In

30 Nov

We were chatting with some of our newly married girlfriends and asked them to share some of their newlywed insight.  Enjoy!

“My spouse hogs the bed, so we bought a bigger bed. End of discussion.” –JB

“Being married is like preparing for a baby!  I find myself picking up after my husband, reminding him to call the doctor, take the kids to the doctor, and the list goes on.  In the end I end up doing it all so I’ve learned to bypass that step and just do everything myself!”–SP

“We learned to think of savings goals as weight loss goals. If you’re too aggressive in setting them, you’ll end up failing at it.  Don’t obsess over it and make sure you say yes to your spouse when they want to buy something outside of the budget from time to time (and have that occasional cookie too).”–BM

“Buying a pet before having kids has helped us to start working out the parenting responsibilities before the baby actually comes.” –JB

“Cleaning our new house proved to be more time consuming than we planned.  One of the first times I decided to clean the 2 story, my husband decided to help.  Unfortunately, his help wasn’t enough for me because he wasn’t cleaning the right way, my way.    Upon inspecting one of his ‘clean rooms’ I still saw dust bunnies which led to me yelling at him and led to us getting into a huge argument.  A week later we hired a maid, a small price to pay to save our marriage.”–AW

“The baby question has become apart of every conversation with everyone we come in contact with! I am surprised by the number of people who are enthralled with what is or isn’t growing in my uterus.  My advice is to not give into these questions; It only opens the door for more questions and then people want to know everything.  So the next time someone asks you, “When are you and your husband going to have children?” A simple response such as, “When we are ready.” will do just fine!” –KK

“Don’t expect him to change, you married him for him.”–AV

Have a Better Weekend – Together

5 Nov

If these days, your weekends are all about errands and catching up on sleep (or worse, work), it’s time to make some changes to your Saturday and Sunday lineups. Don’t get us wrong, sleeping in and hitting up the grocery store can still be on the agenda, but so should some couple time — the kind where you’re awake and not shopping for TP. To get you started, here are some tips for making the most of your weekend.

Start It Off Right

Try making Saturdays and Sundays special by coming up with a weekend morning ritual. Whether it’s eating pancakes in bed, walking the dog or just reading the paper over a cup of coffee together, establishing a morning routine starts your weekend off on a special note and makes couple time a priority.

Try Something New

Make a point to do something different every weekend, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or changing up the Mad Men reruns for Boardwalk Empire. Taking time to brainstorm with your partner and move out of your humdrum routine will bring you closer — and who knows, you might have some fun too? Need help getting started? Here are a few activities to try: Take cooking lessons; go see your favorite football team play live or watch them at a bar, instead of watching from your couch again; go for a hike; take dancing lessons together; see a play.

Make Time for Each Other

With baby showers, work conferences or deadlines, yoga classes, yard work and football games, it’s not always easy to make spending quality time with your partner a weekend priority. Work out a plan ahead of time, so you aren’t too tired or busy for a romantic date or just some cuddling on the couch.

Remember the Little Things

During the week, it may be hard to find time to kiss your partner goodbye, let alone go out of your way to do something thoughtful or romantic. So on your days off, it’s important to make the extra effort every once in a while. Maybe one Saturday, surprise your partner with breakfast in bed or offer to finally put up those shelves she’s been bugging you about. Or, take your mate to that movie he’s been dying to see (even if you have no interest in watching Mark Wahlberg solve a murder mystery). Trust us, the little compromises and extra effort won’t go unrewarded, and they’ll make your weekend (and week) go a lot smoother.


Samantha Leal, TheNest, Dec 15, 2010



Conversations with Mazer-Part Deux

11 Sep

Back by popular demand- I am here to share conversations that have happened in my household with with my husband, aka Mazer.

Over email one day, I told him that I want a IPAD for Christmas. His normal sarcastic response was, “No way, you’re getting a cheap ipad knockoff from ebay.”  So, I told him that he was not funny, and I really want one. I was told, “Well, I want one too so you take my kindle and I’ll get a new IPAD.”

I responded the only way I know how–“Are you kidding me, what the #$@* is wrong with you?!”

Appropriate? I think so.

Later in the week, he told me he was going hunting and I was told, “have the back of your truck filled with a tarp or news papers cause were gonna have a big one to haul out of the woods.”

Everyone should know that I do not have a truck, but a new SUV that still has the new car smell.  Another thing to know is that I will never haul a carcass as long as my carcass is still breathing.   So, I pointed out to the love of my life that he has two vehicles, and maybe if he combined his motorcycle and convertible he would have one practical car.  His email response is below:

“I’d say I have one semi practical vehicle.  I can’t really go in the snow, nor can I carry more than a little luggage or 2 people comfortably.  But both can go VERY FAST and they are both SILVER AND BLACK and allow the wind to blow through your hair and get a tan while driving.”

And yet, he seems to think he will keep both vehicles after we have children. I say no flippin way!  Tell us what you think.

Cheers, Tara


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