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Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas

4 Jan

Its Friday, happy weekend!  For those of you that can go unwind with a glass of wine, or beer-Enjoy!  For those of you that cannot drink alcohol at the moment, I thought I would share some fun drink ideas for the weekend.  Water tends to get boring when you are pregnant-so spice it up!

If you are in a hurry and heading out the door, you can check your local stores for any of the following:

  • VIGNETTE, it looks like wine but is really juice!  I have to thank my friend Alana for informing me about this gem.  If you still have not announced your pregnancy, and want to hang out with your boozy friends, this comes in a wine bottle aka they will never know the difference!
  • When I was a kid, my parents would let my brother and I drink Sparkling Cider at Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner.  Of course, we thought we were soooo grown up drinking out of fancy glasses .  This past year, mom made sure to have a bottle ready for me at dinner again 🙂
  • You could always go with a non-alcoholic beer such as O’Douls.  Just be aware, that while it is branded as non-alcoholic, it does have a small trace-.4% per volume.  As with any product, just check the label.

If you are hosting a party and need ideas, try some below:

  • The old-fashioned Shirley Temple is made with Ginger Ale, Splash of Grenadine, and garnished with a cherry.  You can order in any restaurant or bar.  I also like to order mine with Sprite as opposed to ginger ale.
  • Rasberry Spritzer  —2 cups of seltzer, 2/3 cup frozen raspberries, 2 springs of mint, 3 ounces of raspberry flavored syrup, and don’t forget the ice.

Get creative-mix your favorite juices with seltzer just don’t forget the garnishes:)  Cheers, Tara


Fiesta Friday

29 Aug

After an emotional week last week I was ready for some much need quality time with one of my BFFs by the end of the week. On Friday night we got together for a little retail therapy. I ended up scoring some great finds at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. I will be back to share those goodies in another post.

After shopping we headed back to my house for drinks and dinner. Jaime was in charge of bringing the drinks and she found a recipe on Pinterest for a cocktail that was similar to sangria. It was de-li-cious and very easy to make.

All you need to make this tasty drink is:

White wine (we used Yellow Tail Chardonnay)
Vanilla flavored vodka (we used Smirnoff)
Cherry 7up
Strawberries (rinsed with tops cut off)

You just mix the wine, vodka and 7up to taste in a pitcher. I’m not sure of the exact amount we used of each ingredient, we just adjusted until we thought it was right. Lastly add the strawberries to the pitcher. To chill we put ice in stemless wine glasses and poured ourselves a glass. So yummy and refreshing!


I made guacamole as an appetizer. My recipe for guacamole is pretty much just throwing the ingredients into a bowl until I think the proportions are even and it tastes right. To make my guacamole I use ripe avocados cut in half, pitted, cubed and scooped into a bowl, tomatoes, lime juice, salt and cilantro. I wish I had taken a picture to share, it was pretty yummy, if I may say so. 🙂

We sat out on the deck talked, laughed, munched on chips and guacamole and drank sangria until Joe got home and fired up the grill for our fish tacos. We love fish tacos!! I made a cilantro lime vinaigrette that I found on…you guessed it…Pinterest! Haha I’m not really sure how we ever survived without Pinterest! Seriously! I will also share the cilantro lime vinaigrette in another post. It turned out to be a great night, very relaxing and made me feel better.

What do you do to relax after an emotional week? I am so ready for the mosquitos to go away so I can enjoy our deck and not get eaten alive.



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