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18 Weeks of Pregnancy

28 Dec
According to TheBump my child is now about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces or the size of a sweet potato!

Things that have come to light in the 18th week of my pregnancy:

  • Buying a Bella Band  is a must.  I recently purchased one and felt human again when I was able to wear my jeans.  Don’t get me wrong, I love leggings but let’s be honest-sometimes they make our butts look bigger.
  • The holidays are the best time to be pregnant! You can eat cookies with no guilt and everyone seems to make sure the pregnant person eats first and has dessert to take home. 🙂  This may be the first year that my New Year’s Resolution does not include dieting, #WINNING!
  •  I have finally learned to pace myself in the Pregnancy Bible, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  Yes, reading the chapter for the month that actually pertains to you is not as overwhelming as reading multiple chapters ahead.
  • Registering for your baby is a lot more fun than the wedding registry-everything is so tiny and cute!  Mom and I spent 3 hours in one store and could have easily stayed longer but they were closing.  Well, to clarify I could have stayed longer, Mom had already found a rocker recliner to sit in. #TrueStory
  • Weird dreams do happen, don’t over analyze them.  For instance, the other night I dreamed we found out the gender during the sono and when I saw it was a boy,  I started crying my eyes out.  Up to interpretation if I cried because I found out the gender or because I thought I was having a boy.
  • And then there was heartburn, backaches, and a whole lot of excitement.  Just buy some Tums, turn on the heating pad and enjoy this exciting time!

Cheers, T


Have a Better Weekend – Together

5 Nov

If these days, your weekends are all about errands and catching up on sleep (or worse, work), it’s time to make some changes to your Saturday and Sunday lineups. Don’t get us wrong, sleeping in and hitting up the grocery store can still be on the agenda, but so should some couple time — the kind where you’re awake and not shopping for TP. To get you started, here are some tips for making the most of your weekend.

Start It Off Right

Try making Saturdays and Sundays special by coming up with a weekend morning ritual. Whether it’s eating pancakes in bed, walking the dog or just reading the paper over a cup of coffee together, establishing a morning routine starts your weekend off on a special note and makes couple time a priority.

Try Something New

Make a point to do something different every weekend, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or changing up the Mad Men reruns for Boardwalk Empire. Taking time to brainstorm with your partner and move out of your humdrum routine will bring you closer — and who knows, you might have some fun too? Need help getting started? Here are a few activities to try: Take cooking lessons; go see your favorite football team play live or watch them at a bar, instead of watching from your couch again; go for a hike; take dancing lessons together; see a play.

Make Time for Each Other

With baby showers, work conferences or deadlines, yoga classes, yard work and football games, it’s not always easy to make spending quality time with your partner a weekend priority. Work out a plan ahead of time, so you aren’t too tired or busy for a romantic date or just some cuddling on the couch.

Remember the Little Things

During the week, it may be hard to find time to kiss your partner goodbye, let alone go out of your way to do something thoughtful or romantic. So on your days off, it’s important to make the extra effort every once in a while. Maybe one Saturday, surprise your partner with breakfast in bed or offer to finally put up those shelves she’s been bugging you about. Or, take your mate to that movie he’s been dying to see (even if you have no interest in watching Mark Wahlberg solve a murder mystery). Trust us, the little compromises and extra effort won’t go unrewarded, and they’ll make your weekend (and week) go a lot smoother.


Samantha Leal, TheNest, Dec 15, 2010



Because I’m An Adult Now

9 Oct

So, I have been doing the adult thing for quite some time now.  You know the laundry, marriage,  grocery store, cooking, homeowner, cleaning, bringing your own card to the party-not just signing onto Mom’s.  But this past month I have realized it has reached a whole new level.

It all started with the President of our condo pleading for people to get involved and bring ideas forward.  Nathan and I have owned our condo for almost 3 years and have never volunteered, or even met a neighbor until 6 months ago.  I should clarify, when I mean meet a neighbor, I mean to actually know their name and have their phone number.  So yes, I am one of those people who have not been involved in the community but yet complain about the activities planned, which quite frankly are geared toward older residents.  But not this month…this past month I answered the pleading and decided to volunteer.  I sat through the entire board meeting where people complained about everything under the sun and suggested my idea.  What was my grand idea you want to know?  Very simple–TRICK OR TREATING in the building!  Did they like the idea? Yes! So, this year I am in charge of organizing our building’s trick or treaters from 6:30-8pm on Halloween.

Now, another realization of adulthood that I came to this month is the fact that I will be attending Homecoming to speak at Career Day.  Whoa, I know-my thoughts exactly!  I am not just returning to visit my favorite local watering holes, or to participate in a keg race against another sorority.  This year I will actually be an adult and will speak to students to stress the importance of grades, and internships. To top that off, I will be attending a sit down luncheon with faculty and advisers. Not sure where the time went or when I officially became an adult, but it is happening people!

So, what is the point to all of this besides me rambling?  Well, if you have recently realized that the fun of drinking is starting to wear off because it takes your body all weekend long to recover-know that you are not alone.  We are getting older and need to start doing other things such as volunteering, shopping at  Bed, Bath and Beyond on a Saturday, or throwing a crafting party(which Elise and I did-another post on that later).

George Burns was once quoted as saying, “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”  I must have subconsciously tried to keep myself young  this weekend after buying a filing cabinet because I ended up eating half of the bag of candy that I bought for the trick or treaters! So, it all works out-enough said:)

Cheers, T

Taken Too Soon

21 Aug

This past weekend, our sorority sister, Kristen (Krissy) Dix was taken from us in a fatal car accident. Our hearts are broken and words cannot describe the shock our KBS sisters are feeling during this difficult time.  Only the Good Die Young seems to ring true as ever as Krissy was bubbly, cheerful and had so much to look forward to.

Death is never easy, especially when people go before their time, or what we think is their time.  We don’t talk about death much, because it is scary-the unknown.  We try to make ourselves feel better, with the hope that Heaven is really what we think  it is.  We hope that the person knows how much we really cared about and loved them.  We hope that we have more time with our spouses, parents, and siblings.  And we hope that we are all reunited in the afterlife once we leave this Earth.

It is sad that it takes a tragedy to remind us of all things that are important. We hope to keep focus on these things without getting caught up in this rat-race we call life. So, make sure you kiss your loved ones in the morning before leaving for the day.  Take the time to answer the phone, even if you are doing 3 other things (except for driving). Slow down, enjoy the little things.  Don’t diet everyday-splurge on that cake because you can and you should. Have friends over, no matter how messy your house is, they aren’t there to see your house-just to see you.  Don’t worry about what other people are doing, you only have yourself to live with. Let the anger and hate in your heart go, it is only bringing you down.  Sing, dance, and laugh as much as possible. 

Don’t wait for your life to start, your life is now.  If you want to get a new job-do it.  If you want to paint the house-do it.  If you want to travel-do it.  If you want to move because you hate where you live-do it.  Life is about the ride, so start riding.

Robert Frost once said: “In three words I can sum up everything  I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

That is what Krissy would want us to do, to go on. She would want us to laugh and play as much as she did.  We are blessed to have had her in our lives and we are now lucky that she is up there to look down on us.  She will be missed.

With heavy hearts and much love, Elise and Tara


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